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Clean up after wildlife removal - rat or bat odor removal services

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Wildlife Cleanup

Squirrels, bats, birds, rats, raccoons, opossums and skunks are a great part of the wildlife found right here in Charleston, South Carolina. They normally do not interfere with our daily lives and we don’t often think about them - unless we are out in the woods - but these pesky critters can wreak havoc in your home or commercial property and cause thousands of dollars in damages if they find a way into your crawlspace or attic. After calling a wildlife removal company, we recommend calling BioSweep Southeast to properly clean the debris, repair the damage and sweep away any unwanted odors and droppings left behind by this pesky critters.


Animal entry into homes and commercial structures is generally accompanied by animal droppings that can not only stain and damage the structure of your home or commercial property, but also cause a very unpleasant odor.

Squirrels in Charleston Homes

Squirrels can enter attics in search for a place to raise their babies. Once indoors, they can easily damage insulation and chew on wooden rafters and support beams. A squirrel in the attic can also chew on ductwork and damage your HVAC system. We recommend calling a local critter control company to detect the point of entry, seal it and let us do the debris cleanup and repairs necessary to prevent further damage to the structure of the home.

Bat problems in Charleston Homes

There is a large population of bats in Charleston, South Carolina. With so many mosquitoes to feast on in the warm weather months, bats love to live in this area and can eat up to 30,000 mosquitoes in one night. That’s great, right? The problem occurs when these critters find a way into attics, using these as shelters during the day. Bat poop, also known as guano, is a major health hazard as it contains histoplamosis. Histoplasmosis in an infectious disease that can affect humans when they inhale the spores of the Histoplasma Capsulatum Fungus. This fungus grows in the areas where the bat droppings are found. We recommend that you do not try to remove the guano yourself. Appropriate air masks, gloves, suits and filters need to be used to clean the droppings safely and effectively.

Rats in Charleston Homes

Rats can gain access into your crawlspace and under your porch, deck or shed to find a place to live. These critters can cause damage to the insulation and ductwork found in your crawlspace by tearing up these items to create nests for their young. Damaged insulation and ductwork can affect the HVAC system and cause you to spend hundreds of dollars in additional costs for cooling your home in the summer months and heating your home in the winter months.

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