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5 Annoying Problems That Leaky Air Ducts Can Cause Inside Your Home

Posted by Gabriela Jager on


Do you ever think about your air ducts? Not many people do. As long as the air is blowing cool in the summer months and hot in the winter months, most people don't care much about it. But did you know your air ducts play a huge role in your home? If there is a leak or a hole in the system, you might have a very expensive problem in your hands.

Your air ducts are in charge of carrying the heated or cooled air around your home. Here are 5 annoying problems you might find if there is a hole or leak in your system.

1. Leaky air ducts can cause higher energy bills

Since the cooled or heated air is escaping through leaks in your ductwork, your air conditioning unit has to work harder to match your thermostat setting. The harder your system has to work, the higher your energy bill.

2. Leaky ducts create hot and cold spots in your home

Ever sit in a room at night and thought, "this room does not feel like the air conditioner is on at all!" Well, if there is a hole in the ductwork that leads to that room, that leaking duct could be the cuprit.

3. Leaky ducts can increase the frequency of HVAC repairs

A leak in your ductwork can contribute to frequent breakdowns of your HVAC unit. An HVAC unit that is constantly having to work hard to circulate the air, will require more frequent repairs. Leaks in the system also lead to debris buildup, which will clog your air filters faster, requiring you to change it more frequently. If you don't change your air filter when it is dirty, you system has to work harder to push air through the filter.

4. Leaky ducts affect the air quality of your home

Do you keep having to dust your home or notice that there is fungal growth in certain areas of your home? Every time you turn on your HVAC system that has leaks or holes in the ductwork, the ducts will suck up dust, dirt and other contaminants around your attic or crawlspace and blow it right out through your vents into various areas of your home, creating indoor air quality problems. Often times, customers will call us when they notice mold growth around their home. The culprit could be a leak in the HVAC system.

5. Leaky ducts create fungal growth in your crawlspace or attic

Since the cooled or heated air escapes through the leaks in your ducts, it created condensation or dampness on the insulation and wooden structure of your home. Over time, this moisture in your crawlspace or attic creates wood rot and fungal growth which can damage the wooden structure of your home. 

What do I do if I notice a problem in my system?

While you can seal your leaky ducts yourself, often some of your ductwork is in hard to reach areas. In that case, we recommend you call the experts BioSweep Southeast. We work together with several HVAC companies in the Charleston SC area to bring you the best experience. Often, fixing the leak in your ductwork is only the first step in restoring the system. Cleaning your vents and ductwork and removing the air pollutants that have accumulated in your home is key to restoring the air quality in your home and bring it back to normal living conditions.

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