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Banishing Bat Odors in Historical Homes in the Southeast

Posted by Gabriela Jager on

Banishing Bat Odors (3)

Old, beautiful, historical houses in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA can often come with features rarely found in new buildings: bats in the attic. BioSweep Southeast is here to help with cleanup and odor elimination associated with bat infestations. If you are renting or buying a historical home or if you are a realtor, or property manager in Charleston SC or Savannah, GA, you probably need to read this.

Bats are very important to our environment. They are particularly attracted to the climate in the Southeast due to the large bug population. A single bat can consume up to 3,000 insects in one night. As bats continue to be displaced due to the loss of natural habitat, they seek shelter in buildings, particularly attics. They are particularly attracted to old houses because they offer so many potential entry points: chimneys, cracks or holes in the siding, louvered vents with loose screening, separating flashing, and just about any place where materials have shrunk, warped, or moved apart. Any opening to your attic is potential entry point for bats. Bats need just a tiny crack-about 3/8 or 1 inch in diameter to enter a house, and can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter. That's not much space. Many people have a few bats in their attic and never know it. But a large colony of bats can become a noise and an odor nuisance. 

Keeping Bats at Bay

One or two bats in your attic, might not be a huge problem. However, when there is a large colony in your attic, you might want to evict these little critters. It is important to call a wildlife pest control company to help you locate the particular entry point and safely remove the bats that have taken shelter in your rafter and find a new place for them to live. Some types of bats are considered endangered species, so killing them is not an option. Once they have been removed and all entry points have been sealed off, installing a bat box on your property can make it easy for them to find new living quarters. Bat boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: they are designed to provide cozy quarters for a colony of bats. From the outside, a bat house often looks like a boxy birdhouse—with one difference: entrance holes are at the bottom. Installing a bat box in the corner of your yard gives newly excluded bats a place to go, while keeping them close enough to provide major insect control on your property. 

Cleaning Bat Droppings

When the bats are gone, it's time to clean up their mess. That's what BioSweep Southeast is here for. Bat droppings can produce a very particular odor that is not easy to mask or eradicate, so all droppings must be carefully removed by properly trained technicians. Bat manure, or guano, while apparently an excellent fertilizer, can contain a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. Inhaling the fungal spores can sometimes cause a respiratory infection in humans, so proper precautions are necessary for any cleanup. The smell can be overpowering, even through a mask. 

Before taking on a project like this, homeowners must be aware that this will not be a small project. Often, interior walls and ceilings that are stained and smelling of bat urine and guano will need to be removed, in order to expose the beams and supports. Any damaged or stained insulation will also need to be removed. The guano on the floor, walls, beams and even the ceiling - anywhere the bats have left their mark— needs to be properly removed using professional HEPA filtration equipment. After everything is cleaned up, the BioSweep team will seal all windows, doors, etc. and decontaminate the entire space using H2O2 gas, which acts as a powerful odor eliminator and antibacterial treatment to kill any fungal spores and debris in the air and surfaces. The treated area will be closed off for several hours and then aired out. The area will smell like nothing ever happened.

BioSweep can help you restore your property to its original condition. When you have a bat problem, you want to call only the most experienced and reliable company out there. That company is BioSweep Southeast.

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