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Commercial building maintenance and repair services

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As a business owner or manager, you want your building to look inviting and well maintained. You want to convey to your clients that they can trust you with their business. We are here to help you patch up that damaged drywall, replace those damaged ceiling tiles and clean your vents. We go beyond what your daily cleaning team can do. At BioSweep Southeast our technicians are professionally trained in all areas of construction and contracting, so we can effectively accomplish a variety of building maintenance tasks that your cleaning crew can't do. Whether it’s drywall repair, or even water damage work, our employees know how to make the right repairs or replace the materials that need to be replaced so you can focus on doing your job.

Commercial buildings, such as restaurants, stores, banks, offices, and even apartment complexes, need regular cleaning and care. Just like a vehicle, a building also needs regular maintenance and care. Not only does routine maintenance and repair protect a proprietor’s investment, it also protects any guests, residents, customers, or visitors within the building each day. So what type of maintenance does a building require, and how often? Do you have a trustworthy professional building maintenance team that you can call in case of emergencies or for minor remodeling services? Our team at BioSweep Southeast is here for you.

Building Maintenance

A building or commercial complex has several maintenance needs, and will eventually need common and predictable repairs along the way. It is important for building managers to inspect and assess a property’s condition on a regular basis, for safety reasons and to avoid larger and more costly disasters down the road. Regular building maintenance can stop a small problem from becoming a large and expensive problem, or worse, a liability. BioSweep Southeast can assist with aesthetic repairs such as removing and replacing damaged drywall, paint, flooring and cleaning vents. We go beyond what your daily cleaning team can do!

Emergency Repairs

Disasters happen and can happen in commercial buildings as well. Water leaks, flooding, and even fires are all areas in which a professional contractor such as BioSweep Southeast can help. Our team has the training, knowledge, and equipment to quickly combat these kinds of disasters and get the process started of drying, removing and replacing damaged construction materials, as soon as possible. 

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The technicians at BioSweep Southeast are respectful, courteous and skilled. Our team will work quickly, efficiently and often overnight to have the building ready for business next day. Our team is careful to maintain clean, safe workspaces. Once the job is complete, you will find the area cleaner then when we started. In every service we provide, your satisfaction is always our number one priority and we’re never finished until you are 100 percent happy with our work.

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