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Why crawlspace encapsulation was the best thing I ever did for my home

Posted by C. White on

When I first bought by home in Charleston, South Carolina, I was so excited about being close to the water, seeing the marsh from my back porch and enjoying the view from my bedroom window every morning. After a couple of years, I noticed that my wooden floors were buckling a little in some areas, but I just attributed that to the fact that floors expand and contract over time. It didn't really bother me much. A few years later, I started to notice that my electric bill was increasing and the air seemed to blow a little warmer through my first floor vents, so I called my HVAC company. What they found surprised me very much...

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5 common crawlspace problems and how to prevent them

Posted by Gabriela Jager on



As a homeowner you probably rarely give much thought to what's right underneath your feet. But you should. Particularly if you have a crawlspace and you live in a high-moisture coastal region like Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach, SC or Savannah, GA. These coastal regions are humid and prone to flooding. Protecting your crawlspace from these 5 common issues can make your home more energy efficient, improve the value of your home and save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs to your home in the long run.  

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Topics: water damage, mold removal, crawlspace encapsulation